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Eloisa James - Duchess by Night

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Eloisa James - Duchess By Night - Plot & Excerpts

Is she badly frightened? he whispered.
It was the first time that shed seen the almost physical glow of intel igence and confidence that surrounded Jem Strange diminished. She felt an instant wish to bring it back.
And quel ed the emotion by remembering what an ass he was, sleeping God knows where.
It could have been a fire, she said sharply, swinging her legs over the side of the bed.
He had no wig. Of course not: he and his mistress likely didnt close their eyes for a moment.
If he ever came to her bed, she wouldnt sleep al night.
God, he said, running his hands through his hair. It sounded like a prayer. Harriet felt another wash of sympathy and choked it back down.
She would have died, she said, her voice steely hard, chil , logical. No governess. Shed had no supper. No one washed her face. A rat woke her from sleep and bit her on the hand. I expect he thought she smel ed like a buttered crumpet. Did you know that you had rats?
He wheeled and stared at her, his eyes huge, the shadow of his lashes fal ing on his cheek.

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