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Dominate (University Of Gatica #5)

Dominate (University of Gatica #5)
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Dark Shadow Publishing
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Dominate (University Of Gatica #5)
Dominate (University Of Gatica #5)

About book: He almost couldn’t believe his ears. For a moment, Tyler wondered if he was too drunk and he’d misheard, but he hadn’t had that much to drink and he was pretty sure that Aileen had said exactly what he thought she had. Buffalo. His lips pressed together in a thin line.
    Phone still held up to his ear, Tyler leaned against the bathroom wall, one hand cupped over the phone's speaker to keep the sounds of the party outside the bathroom door from intruding too loudly on the conversation. He'd managed to sneak away from the constant line of girls who kept trying to get his attention and his number, and the other draft picks congratulating him.
    “Aileen, I've got an awesome opportunity here, don't you see that? I could be part of the Patriots, for fuck's sake. That's huge. They won the Super Bowl the year before last!”
    “That's also really far away,” Aileen repeated, her voice catching over the words like she was about to cry, and Tyler pushed down the surge of guilt in his chest.
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