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Devoted 2 : Where The Ivy Grows

Devoted 2 : Where the Ivy Grows
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Devoted 2 : Where The Ivy Grows
Devoted 2 : Where The Ivy Grows

About book: We head across campus side by side, but he doesn’t try to take my hand or link arms with me, which is good. I’d probably have cancelled dinner if he did. I want a distraction, not a date.
    There are paps hanging around the college gates, so Leo orders a special VIP cab with tinted windows, and we drive from the college car park out into London.
    I can’t help looking at my iPhone every few minutes, but Marc hasn’t called or left messages.
    ‘It’s not me, is it?’ Leo asks as the cab shunts to a stop at traffic lights. He’s sprawled in the seat beside me, tapping his fingers on his knee in time to some imaginary tune.
    ‘What’s not you?’ I let my phone drop to my lap.
    ‘That’s making you look so sad.’ ‘Do I really look that sad?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘Sorry.’ I sigh. ‘No. It’s not you.’ ‘Am I to guess it’s Marc Blackwell who’s making you sad?’ Stupid tears.
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