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Destroy All Cars (2009)

Destroy All Cars (2009)
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0545104742 (ISBN13: 9780545104746)
Scholastic Press
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Destroy All Cars (2009)
Destroy All Cars (2009)

About book: It's not often I have the chance to read an entire novel within a few hours, but I suppose that's what cross-country flights will do for you. I'm not sure how that affected this novel, as it may have been too much narrator all at once.Really, though, this walked that fine line where there are parts that I loved and others where it felt like too much commentary. Yes, teens can be so whole-hearted in their beliefs and completely blind to their individual hypocrisies. But the narrator almost becomes a bit too much at times, making you kinda hate this guy. Again, I'm all for unlikeable narrators, but this one didn't always work for me.In the end, I still read the whole of it almost cover to cover without stopping. That in itself says something. It is a solid book, but perhaps Nelson paints a bit too accurate of a picture of teens' life, beliefs, and behavior. And maybe I'm finally "getting too old" for these types of novels. Dear John,I'm reading a book entitled Destroy All Cars by Blake Nelson which is a work of realistic fiction. This book is about a guy that cares a lot about the environment and he's trying not to destroy the world. He's trying to warn people what is going on in this world and the truth what happen when we eat fast food or when someone uses a car. This book reminds me of our world that we live now because there are many cars that are pupuing the world. I thought the author wrote this because he wanted to the people how our live styles are being affect by many resources we use in our everyday life and we have to change that for the earth. This book made me realize that i don't see too many books talking out the air,water,and the other there we use and how it's not that clean as it use to be. Other books don't talk about or tells. What are the ways to make the better and cleaner for us.
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Made me laugh out loud as this author has truly created realistic teen characters.
This book shows a high school senior 17 year old and his very complicated life.
It's crazy how true Blake's books ring.(read: 49)
i really dont know what to think of this one.
Not my cup of tea.
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