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Descension (2013)

Descension (2013)
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Descension (2013)
Descension (2013)

About book: I think this book was okay, but there wasn't much action, and there wasn't really a tension, a climax to the book. The tension was of Lylah's dad, not her, so it was different from other books. We also know that her dad died while the tension is happening so it took away the tension if her dad was going to live. The book wasn't boring even though it had no climax, so that's why I didn't give it less than three stars. I was pleasantly surprised and strangely addicted to the book.The pace is fast enough that I was kept hooked the whole time and I finished in about a day.Layla is fun to read about, I really want to meet Quin and Miss Burgess is thorough in her descriptions of everything. It was refreshing to see how much actual detail was put into the books rather than leave a vague impression.I am giving the book 3 stars mostly because of the good vs evil trope. Layla is described as the most amazing beautiful woman in the world and everyone wants to help her. She has the best heart and the best soul anyone has ever seen, which bothers me as a sterotype. By itself this is not that bad but it is coupled with the bad guys are always ugly on the outside. Anyone bad must be ugly, there are no ugly good people and no beautiful bad guys. With more experience I think that BC Burgess has a lot of potential to be a great writer, and I look forward to reading more of her books.
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Oh, this was nice...different from most paranormal romance novels
I glad she got to find out abt her parents and wat she was abt
Interesting, yet a bit wordy here and there
Book was great!
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