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Delver Magic Book VII: Altered Messages

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Delver Magic Book VII: Altered Messages - Plot & Excerpts

"I know where it is," Okyiq grumbled. "Why you act like my mother?" Rivira almost laughed at the question until she took another look at the gruesome and enormous goblin before her.
    "Believe me, I would never wish to be your mother. Even the thought is painful." "My mother more of a pain than me." "Was she bigger than you?" "Bigger mouth." "Somehow I doubt that." "Fah, what do I care what you think!" "Really? Even though I'm the one keeping you ahead of the half-delver? You're just lucky it wasn't the Delver Acumen following you. My magic wouldn't have been enough to keep you running ahead of a purebred delver. I would have had to pushed you through the forest with a sweeping current. It would have been a messy trail, enough to keep the delver curious, but it would have been quite painful for you." "I thought serps wanted Acumen involved?" "They do, but only to a degree. They really didn't believe the delver was going to follow you at this point. They told me to watch for Acumen, but they actually said it would probably be someone else.

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