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Delia Of Vallia

Delia of Vallia
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Delia Of Vallia
Delia Of Vallia

About book: With her lip caught up between her teeth, as a young girl in cold Evir, she had read of that mysterious continent of Loh and of the Queens of Pain.To be a Queen of Pain of Loh!She had never considered herself to be a cruel woman. She was merely the instrument chosen to redress the imbalance between the sexes. The witch Fiacola the Gaze had perhaps contributed more to her success than Nyleen cared to admit. But, in this coming confrontation, she saw more than mere revenge.The satisfaction on her icy features reflected her inner joy that she had the power thus to test Chica the Fangs. Nyleen was always conscious of the necessity to preserve and display her power. This slave girl had skill with the rapier. Well, then, let Chica the Fangs discipline her, cut her, and let Nyleen take the frisson from Chica’s lash, from her Claw, and the risk the Fangs ran!Nadia the cadade was carried out, groaning, wondering what cyclone had hit her. Delia was stripped of weapons. She regarded Chica the Fangs warily.
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