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Dark Champion (2003)

Dark Champion (2003)
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Dark Champion (2003)
Dark Champion (2003)

About book: This was the first book that I ever read by Jo Beverly. I was looking for a new author who combined romance with good usage of historical fact. I was not disappointed when I read the book through very quickly. The attention to many details of this time in history made it fascinating. I think it is important not to lose sight of the fact that this is dominantly a romance with the steamy love scenes and large powerful male bodies.The plot started out fairly straight forward with the heroine, Lady Imogene, having to watch her precious castle home and people being raped and pillaged. She sought help from a powerful neighbor whom she mistrusted, but needed as an ally to get her castle and lands back. She has mixed feelings for Lord Fitzroger which plays with her trust issues. They bicker and argue while trying to seek the upperhand as both are very strong, proud people. Fitzroger comes to her aid, but then she discovers what he has been holding back. At this point she becomes aware that there was a traitor in her own castle who let the raiders in. Her father and betrothed's deaths may have not been what they seem. Everyone seems to be plotting to get ahold of her, her land, and her treasure. It is all set in the time of King Henry the First not long after the Norman Invasion of England by Henry's father.

(Not going to do a long review for this one.)I enjoyed this book but I wasn't swept away by it. There were a lot of passages or concepts that frustrated me (view spoiler)[such as how Imogen is constantly going on about how no one will get her fortune but then at the end when half of it is pretty much stolen from her she just doesn't care. (hide spoiler)]
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I liked Dark Champion's interesting hero and, up until around halfway through the book, the writing was also really good as well. However the heroine drove me up the wall. I understand that the author was trying to be period correct and wanted to add some kind of conflict with the crazy priest and his ridiculous advice to the heroine. However I had no desire to read about it. It was absolute nonsense what he told her and even worse that she believed him, even though I do know this is a situation that did occur during the middle ages. Regardless it just made me want to throw the heroine into a lake and I couldn't continue with the book.
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