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Crazy Summer

Crazy Summer
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Crazy Summer
Crazy Summer

About book: Standing at the huge kitchen island, Mrs. Diane had cooked an enormous meal. The chicken breast had been cooked in a huge cast iron frying pan, smothered and covered in homemade duck sauce. Her fried yellow rice was from scratch, and the greens, which were now done, had been soaking since yesterday.
Alisa walked in dressed in Baby Phat from head to toe. A smile spread across her face when she saw her grandmother cooking. Alisa looked over at the stove. The aroma smelled so good she had to close her eyes.
  Downstairs, the twins had their own private room with a universal weight set and dead weights. They both weighed about two hundred and twenty-five pounds apiece; they were muscular, strong, and wore their hair in dreadlocks. “Ambitionz Az a Ridah” by 2Pac vibrated from the huge speakers. Jermaine stood behind the bench while his brother positioned himself underneath the bar that was holding two hundred and ten pounds. Jeremy grabbed the bar, with 2Pac geeking him up as he lay flat on his back.
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