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Crazy In Love (1988)

Crazy in Love (1988)
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Belgrave House
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Crazy In Love (1988)
Crazy In Love (1988)

About book: The contest, with its promise of an appearance by one of the better-known disc jockeys from WROX, had brought my classmates out in droves. It was the social event of the season. The sidewalks, as well as the lobby outside the auditorium, were crowded with friends and strangers who hung out, meeting and greeting. As Jenny and I made our way through the scattered groups of kids, I spotted Dan Meyer flirting with a girl I recognized as a sophomore. He was so busy trying to impress her that he never even noticed me. My heart went out to her.
My old chemistry teacher, Ms. Storm, had the questionable honor of guarding the door to the backstage area. It was her job to keep out those who were merely curious spectators, allowing only the privileged few to enter.
“Well, hello there, Sallie. How have you been?” she greeted me. “And who have we here?”
“Hi, Ms. Storm. I’m fine. A bit nervous, but fine. This is my sister, Jenny.”
“Hello, Jenny. Are you a contestant, Sallie?” Ms. Storm scanned the clipboard she was holding.
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