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Corridor Man

Corridor Man
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Corridor Man
Corridor Man

About book: “This is Bobby,” he answered.
    “Bobby, this is Daryl Woodley.”
    Alarm bells immediately sounded in Bobby’s head.
    “Daryl, how are things?”
    “Question for you,” Daryl said ignoring Bobby’s question. “Do you know anyone in Arizona or maybe New Mexico?”
    “Arizona or New Mexico,” Bobby repeated cautiously. “No, can’t say that I do.”
    “Ever been down there? Maybe a little week-long vacation or something just to get the frost out of your feet in winter.”
    “Not a bad idea, but no I’ve never been able to do that. I guess I never had much of an inclination.” Bobby took a chance. “What’s this about Daryl? You got a condo down there?”
    “I wish. No, nothing like that. I got a notification someone tried to make a couple of purchases, get a cash advance using our VISA card down there.
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