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Chicken Soup For The Cat & Dog Lover's Soul

Chicken Soup for the Cat & Dog Lover's Soul
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Chicken Soup For The Cat & Dog Lover'...
Chicken Soup For The Cat & Dog Lover's Soul

About book: Bradley Miller Chitra Besbroda didn’t plan to be a hero, but she is. And as often happens, Chitra’s heroism began with one small act of kindness.
Many years ago, shortly after arriving in the United States from her native Sri Lanka, Chitra was walking home from her job as a clinical social worker. Her path took her through the streets of Harlem. As Chitra passed by one of the area’s many dilapidated buildings, she heard a strange sound from inside. She paused for a moment, and was about to continue her journey, when again she heard an almost imperceptible high-pitched whine. Walking over to the weathered door, Chitra peered through its small keyhole. Peering back was a large dog with sad, brown eyes. From what Chitra could see, the dog looked like a German shepherd crossed with who-knew-what else. She guessed he had been left to guard the building from intruders. But if so, the dog wasn’t doing his job, because Chitra could see that he was wagging his tail as she spoke softly to him.
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