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Chaos Burning (2012)

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0425250822 (ISBN13: 9780425250822)
Berkley Sensation

Chaos Burning (2012) - Plot & Excerpts

I loved this series. I love Lark and Simon as characters and how they just connect and fit. This was a great way to start into the series, I usually like to start from book one but it is fun to already have characters established and get into it. I will be ordering the rest of the series so it is a four star, this means I won't keep the book and reread it but if I run into it again in a few years and want to enjoy the series again I will pick it up.!! She is a must read author Rating~ 3.5 stars.I dont understand why the shelves for this books says erotica it wasnt erotica. The start of the book was quite slow Simon and Lark become friends and Lark was busy doing her job, there wasnt anything quite exciting about it other than Simon and Lark's banter. The book picked up pace after Simon suddenly decides that Lark is it for him, though I didnt quite understand why Simon didnt see it before but anyhoo after this they had a relationship and fighting the big bad of the world or many worlds as is the case in this series.What I didn't like was Helena and her behaviour with Lark though she was only actually there in about two scenes and they were only phone calls. I just felt she was being stupid and for a sister who loved Lark as Lark said she used to I didn't understand what her big deal was when knew that it was not Lark's fault and her's as she says later on in the book. She annoyed because she was hurting Lark with her stupid behaviour.Overall it was a good-ish book, though it dragged a bit in places.

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