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Carnifex (Legends Of The Nameless Dwarf Book 1)

Carnifex (Legends of the Nameless Dwarf Book 1)
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Carnifex (Legends Of The Nameless Dwa...
Carnifex (Legends Of The Nameless Dwarf Book 1)

About book: He didn’t know what else to do. A Black Cloak had been killed, and even if he was given a chance to defend himself, it wouldn’t turn out well. Those shoggers were untouchable, and they had as many connections and privileges as the councilors they were sworn to serve. And so he let himself into Thumil’s house, got the hearth fire going, and seated himself on the divan to wait.
The floor was stacked with crates, bags, and boxes, and it didn’t take a genius to work out what it was. It was customary for the Voice to remain in his own home, albeit with visible security from the Red Cloaks, and invisible from the Black. Clearly, though, those designated would be watching over the newly appointed Voice at the ceremony and the party after, before taking up their posts. If it had been any other way, Carnifex wouldn’t have made it past the courtyard garden. No, anyway you looked at it, the things in the hearth room weren’t any indication Thumil was moving out. Cordy was moving in.
He lost track of time as he waited.
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