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Butter (2012)

Butter (2012)
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Bloomsbury Publishing Plc
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Butter (2012)
Butter (2012)

About book: Parker flung his arms in the air and waved them in a snakelike motion that rippled down his body. It was the same victory dance I’d seen him do for a spare, a split, a single pin, and even a gutter ball. I guess he was just celebrating the bowling ball reaching the other end of the lane.
I joined the crowd laughing at Parker’s antics. So far, bowling hadn’t been half as bad as I feared. Trent had been right. It was a lot more drinking and joking than actual bowling. Plus, Jeremy was playing six whole lanes away and Anna just one. Every time she got up to bowl was a perfect excuse to stare openly at her. She was wearing a short skirt and tight tank top—thank God for Arizona’s warm winters—and she bowled by bending over and rolling the ball between her legs. Why, oh why had no one ever told me bowling was such an incredible sport?
“Butter, you’re up!”
I got to my feet and tried not to show my displeasure. I wasn’t really enjoying the bowling part of bowling.
“Show us how it’s done, big guy!”
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