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Bone and Cane

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Bone And Cane - Plot & Excerpts

She called her agent. Winston was trying to set up a public debate between her, the Liberal Democrat and the new Tory candidate. The Tories had selected Jeremy Atkinson, the candidate she had seen off in the by-election. She had wiped the floor with him during all three public debates then. Now that he was the favourite to win the seat, Jeremy wasn’t so keen, but Winston thought her opponent could be strong-armed into doing it.‘Barrett Jones suggested the debate in the first place, so Atkinson will find it hard to refuse, even though he hasn’t got the public-speaking skills you have.’‘My public-speaking skills don’t feel so sharp this morning,’ Sarah confessed.‘International Community Centre, Tuesday week.’‘Evening? Okay, I suppose.’‘And I fielded a call from a bloke claiming to be an old friend of yours, wanted you to give him a ring. Name of Nick Cane. Know him?’Sarah reached for a pen. ‘Used to. Give me his number. I’ll call him.’She called Nick as soon as Winston rang off, her heart leaping.

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