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Read Big Pete (Privateer Tales Book 4)

Big Pete (Privateer Tales Book 4)

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Big Pete (Privateer Tales Book 4) - Plot & Excerpts

Most of my squad would find this statement laughable. More accurately: precision demolition is a science. To that statement, we’d all nod our heads sagely and agree. I wish I’d had time to stand around and watch the fireworks, but the best time to go Charlie Mike (continue mission/get moving) is when big shiny objects are blowing up.
    “Go! Go! Go!” Methane’s voice cut in over the squad communication channel. I’d provided a rendezvous location and was currently sprinting toward it. My route would take me next to the building into which we’d just fired a crap-ton of explosives. I was carefully watching for surviving squishies who might gain line of sight on us. Turns out, I didn’t have anything to be concerned about. Whoever was inside seemed to be busy dealing with the disintegration of the building. With a few horrific groans and screeches, the detritus-spewing structure slid over a few yards and sank into itself. I later learned that we’d overdone the explosives by a factor of two or three.

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