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Beyond Paradise (2003)

Beyond Paradise (2003)
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Beyond Paradise (2003)
Beyond Paradise (2003)

About book: Although Sylvie's parents have betrothed her to a wealthy womanizer, she yearns for the dashing pirate hunter who promises adventure—and takes her to the local jail to see what a real pirate looks like. But when Sylvie meets Jacques, she's stunned to discover that this bandit stirs her senses like no other man has.Jacques is shocked to receive another—unchaperoned—visit from the young beauty originally escorted by his captor. He is intrigued that a country squire's daughter would take such risks. Realizing Sylvie's curiosity could be his only means of escape, Jacques tricks her into releasing him and then kidnaps her, taking her hostage aboard his ship. After much gentle prodding, he manages to melt Sylvie's icy reserve. But when the other two men in her life catch up with Jacques's ship, a battle ensues. Now Sylvie must decide where her heart truly belongs.
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