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Anatomy Of Restlessness (2011)

Anatomy of Restlessness (2011)
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Anatomy Of Restlessness (2011)
Anatomy Of Restlessness (2011)

About book: Her death robbed Harvard University of the finest glaciologist at work in the United States; I lost a close ally and a good friend. I cannot think of Estelle without recalling her humour, her capacity for statistics and the blind, unreflecting courage that lacked the imagination to turn round.
Her work has continued, but in lesser hands; I could say treacherous hands. In February of last year, her research student Dr (now Professor) Helmut Leander, of the Institute of Glacial Studies at Kydd College, Minnesota, published a 103-page attack on her Glaciers of the Southern Hemisphere. Then in September, at the Symposium of World Climatology in Tel-Aviv, he described her findings as ‘irresponsible’. That evening, in the bar of the Hilton Hotel, I overheard shreds of his conversation explaining, in German and to an audience of West Germans, how the Neumann Theory was the product of its author’s incurable optimism. ‘Or else,’ he added in a whisper, ‘she was bought.’ I checked her figures.
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