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An Engagement in Seattle

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An Engagement In Seattle - Plot & Excerpts

Just when it seemed that very thing was about to happen, she discovered herself willing to do whatever was necessary to keep their relationship intact.Counseling. That was what she needed, Julia thought. Intensive counseling. She wasn’t an indecisive woman; that would be a death knell for someone in her position. Generally she knew what she wanted and went after it with a determination that left everyone in her wake shaking their heads in wonder.It was Aleksandr who managed to discomfit and confuse her. It was Alek who made her feel as though she was walking through quicksand.“Julia?” Jerry turned the full force of his attention on her. “Can you do it?”Both men were studying her. Could she pretend to be in love with Alek? Pretend her happiness hinged on spending the rest of her life with him? Could she?“I…I don’t know.”“Shall I repeat what’s at stake here?” Jerry muttered.It wasn’t necessary; he’d gone over the consequences of their actions when he’d proposed the idea of marrying Alek in the first place.

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