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A Pinch Of Snuff (1990)

A Pinch of Snuff (1990)
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A Pinch Of Snuff (1990)
A Pinch Of Snuff (1990)

About book: An excellent Dalziel and Pascoe mystery. The subject matter is rather naughty -- a local film group that shows pornos, one of which is suspected to have an element of snuff film to it. This allegation is brought to the attention of Pascoe by his dentist. Pascoe checks it out and initially thinks there isn't much of a case to be brought, when the cinema club building is torched and vandalized and its proprietor beaten to death. The dentist, meanwhile, is accused of raping one of his underage patients. A steamy, rather twisted tale to be sure, but Dalziel and Pascoe will see it through.This was a very good story overall. Hill provided enough description to give you an idea of what was going on without going into the realm of sordidness. Dalziel had many crude and amusing one-liners, and the narration was its usual wry self. There was even a bit of social commentary thrown in, but nothing heavy.The story kept twisting and turning -- I was never quite sure what would happen next, and the solution was quite a surprise. A worthy addition to any D+P fan's bookshelf.
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