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13 Curses

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Little, Brown

13 Curses - Plot & Excerpts

She stopped speaking and shrank back. Something shuffled over the trapdoor above, then silence.
“What happened next?” Eldritch prompted, unfazed.
“What’s going on up there?” Red asked, her past momentarily forgotten. The terrible scream had chilled her through and through.
Eldritch leaned forward, as though listening intently. Then he shrugged.
“Perhaps someone’s come to the cottage,” Red said, her voice lifting. “Perhaps we’re going to be rescued!”
Eldritch laughed darkly. “I doubt it. If anyone’s come here, then it’s not to do any good. Don’t waste your time hoping.”
“There’s always room for hope,” the other man said. Red looked at him and saw him staring at Eldritch through narrowed eyes.
Eldritch ignored him and settled back against the wall, closing his dark eyes. A film of sweat clung to his skin.
Without warning, the bolt on the trapdoor shot back, startling all three of them. There was a long pause before the trapdoor began to lift—slowly, maddeningly.

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