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1215: The Year Of Magna Carta Ebook (2004)

1215: The Year of Magna Carta Ebook (2004)
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1215: The Year Of Magna Carta Ebook (...
1215: The Year Of Magna Carta Ebook (2004)

About book: Magna Carta, Clause 61 In January 1215 John met his baronial opponents at a conference in London. They came armed, an unmistakable signal that rebellion was in the air, and he prepared for the worst. He ordered trusted castellans to put royal castles in a state of readiness for war. Yet at the same time he continued to make things worse – by insisting, for example, on his right to collect scutage to meet the costs of the recent campaign. Despite his unpopularity would-be rebels had their problems too. The king was within his rights when he demanded scutage and when he demanded payment of debt. He sent agents to Rome, urging the pope to condemn subjects who disobeyed an obedient son of the church – as he now chose to represent himself.
In 1215 rebellion was far from easy to justify. This might seem an odd thing to say since there had been rebellions against William I, William II, Henry I, Stephen, Henry II and Richard – every king since the Norman Conquest. But in virtually all of these confrontations the rebels had been able to present themselves as men fighting not in their own private interests but for a just cause.
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