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T.A. Webb
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Let's Hear It for the Boy (2013)

Journalist Paul Stewart was tasked to interview Atlanta's legendary drag performer Auntie Social and he's set to uncover more about the man behind all the facade. What he learned though was the story behind Matthew Trammel's plight for AIDS leading him back to the latter's bittersweet first love....

Let's Hear It for the Boy (2013) by T.A. Webb

Love on a Wing and a Prayer (2013)

T.A. Webb's contribution to the Love Has No Boundaries event is a sweet story about two Navy pilots who have lots of experience with sex, but none at all with love. In just a few short pages, he conveys immediate attraction and a slowly developing emotional attachment, both of which helped me in...

Love on a Wing and a Prayer (2013) by T.A. Webb

City Knight: Working It (2013)

Marcus lost his long time lover to street violence and now guards his neighborhood at night, striving to do what he couldn’t do when his lover was alive.Ben is a grad-student, working the streets to pay for school. He has a dark past that allows him to disassociate from his body for the money, b...

City Knight: Working It (2013) by T.A. Webb

The Broken Road Cafe (2013)

Well played, Tom, well played. That was quite a cliffhanger you got there. I'm starting volume two right now.I enjoyed this short book way too much. I loved both Dan and Nick, and I HATED Abe and Greg with all my might. Still do, and I hardly think that'll change. I hope they both get hit by a bu...

The Broken Road Cafe (2013) by T.A. Webb

Back-up (2012)

Oh wow. What a comedy of errors this was. So soapy - rife with myriad plot twists and little bombs of information dropped throughout this extremely fast paced short story. This was just so awesomely bad. How many clichéd storyline reveals can we have in 17 short pages? A TON. Terribly wonderfu...

Back-up (2012) by T.A. Webb

His Name was Harley Manfield (2013)

4 starsFirst, this a short and a freebie. There isn't a lot of time for character development or relationship development, but in the short amount of time, I found that I actually felt a lot. This story was sad. Sad in a way that losing your best friend is sad, sad in the way that regret and all ...

His Name was Harley Manfield (2013) by T.A. Webb

City Knight 04 - Knights Out (CMS) (MM)

He knew it was Benjamin, but his mind was a million miles away and it wasn’t until he felt strong hands on his shoulders, massaging out the knots of tension that he began to relax. Without a word, he dropped his head back, and soft lips trailed kisses from his neck up to his ears. “You’re mine no...

City Knight 04 - Knights Out (CMS) (MM) by T.A. Webb

Broken Road Café 1 - The Broken Road Café

Webb - Broken Road Café 1 - The Broken Road Café Chapter Ten Dan was stunned. Maybe he’d heard Nick wrong—Carlos Delgado? He must have sat there deep in his thoughts, lost, because he felt his arm gripped tighter and realized Nick was calling his name, probably not for the first time. He blinked,...

Broken Road Café 1 - The Broken Road Café by T.A. Webb

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