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Rosie Rushton
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Love, Lies and Lizzie (2009)

This book mainly follows the book outline of Pride and Prejudice and who will end up with who is also the same. Also many of the character where the same, but sme had more modernised names, like Kitty or Catherine her names had been changed to Katie.I read this book after reading 'Pride and Preju...

Love, Lies and Lizzie (2009) by Rosie Rushton

I Think I'll Just Curl Up and Die (Leehampton, #2) (2006)

¿Por qué me sale todo mal? es la segunda parte de la tetralogía Leehampton, todas con títulos tan divertidos como: Mamá, no me montes escenas, ¿Cómo has podido hacerme esto?, y Por favor: más líos ¡no!. Rushton narra las desventuras de cinco adolescentes, desde la primera borrachera al primer bes...

I Think I'll Just Curl Up and Die (Leehampton, #2) (2006) by Rosie Rushton

Summer of Secrets (2006)

What would happen if the traumas of teenage life and love from Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey surfaced in the twenty-first century? Caitlin Morland has always craved excitement. So when she wins an art scholarship to Mulberry Court College, she's delighted to be befriended by the glamorous Izzy T...

Summer of Secrets (2006) by Rosie Rushton

I Think I'll Just Curl Up and Die (2011)

Chapter Twenty-Four A Night of Surprises Sumitha sat rigidly in the passenger seat as Bilu took bends at what seemed like breakneck speed. He had put the roof down and the wind was making her eyes water. ‘This is some machine, isn’t it?’ said Bilu, as he accelerated even more. ‘It’s got ABS, allo...

I Think I'll Just Curl Up and Die (2011) by Rosie Rushton

Secret Schemes and Daring Dreams (2011)

And within seconds, Lucy was draped all over Adam and indulging in some interesting lip aerobics. Emma, while being as open-minded as the next person, had no real desire to be an up-close spectator, and certainly was not going to succumb to the banal come-ons of Simon and his drooling mates. She ...

Secret Schemes and Daring Dreams (2011) by Rosie Rushton

Echoes of Love

‘Nothing special. Why?’ ‘Anna!’ Lauren hissed, nudging her elbow. ‘Get off the phone – we’re due on in five minutes.’ Anna waved her away, straining to hear Felix above the chatter of her classmates.     ‘Zac’s grandmother has got this house on the Isle of Wight, right? She’s ...

Echoes of Love by Rosie Rushton

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