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Mona Ingram
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Loving From Afar (2000)

This story has touched my inner most feelings today whilst reading it. It truly is one of those stories that you feel you want to bash someone's head together because of all that wasted time.I thoroughly loved this book, I wish I could have read it sooner but as a reader and reviewer some books t...

Loving From Afar (2000) by Mona Ingram

Between a Jock and a Hard Place (2000)

There was absolutely no chemistry between these characters. This is another one of the telling instead of showing books. I understand writing is hard, believe me, I understand. But that's no excuse not to have someone read through your manuscript and give you an honest feedback to what's good, wh...

Between a Jock and a Hard Place (2000) by Mona Ingram

Fixing Freddie

Did you talk to Freddie?” Her friend was waiting when she got to the coffee shop the next morning, asking the question before she even sat down. “Whoa!” Lauren’s eyes widened. “What’s that on your neck?” Samantha’s hand went to cover the offensive spot. “Cody can get carried away sometimes.” He’d...

Fixing Freddie by Mona Ingram

Fool Me Once

“You’re not drinking,” she observed, holding out her glass for a refill. He complied with her silent request, and then sat next to her, looking surprisingly comfortable in the elegant surroundings. “I rarely drink when I’m working.” “Oh for heaven’s sake.” She gestured impatiently. “You don’t hav...

Fool Me Once by Mona Ingram

The Lure of Love

Leeza checked her watch as she hurried down the stairs with Brooke. “It’s already after nine; thanks for waiting.” Brooke had never seen her so nervous. “Good thing it stays light so late. They must be having fun; I can hear them from here.” They walked a little faster. The makeshift ball diamond...

The Lure of Love by Mona Ingram

Then Came Love

She was beginning to wonder where he went when he disappeared like that. After the crowd thinned she took the trout out of the cooler, thankful that he’d cleaned it last night. She looked at Carlos. “You’re sure you don’t know how to cook fish? You’ve surprised me with just about everything else....

Then Came Love by Mona Ingram

Moonlight Dancer

I never would have recognized you. Come on, let’s sit outside and drink our lemonade.” Charlie carried the glasses and followed. Large wicker chairs with comfortable cushions in a floral pattern awaited them. Janelle propped up her foot and got settled as Jason’s ATV disappeared behind the barn i...

Moonlight Dancer by Mona Ingram

Listen to Your Heart

She looked up to see Adrian standing hesitantly by the receptionist’s podium, scanning the restaurant. He spotted her and came directly to the table. “Could we eat together?” he asked, nodding politely to the others at the table. “At another table?” “What’s the matter with right here?” She wasn’t...

Listen to Your Heart by Mona Ingram

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