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Lauren Dane
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Laid Bare (2009)

An unbelievably sexy menage! This is the first in the Brown siblings series. Loved the writing - strong, funny, good lines "flying his freak flag high." Love the dialogue. My only issue was the introduction of Ben. For me, it diluted the intensity between Erin and Todd. Almost as if, ok, n...

Laid Bare (2009) by Lauren Dane

Coming Undone (2010)

Wonderful Story!After escaping an abusive marriage Elise and her young daughter move to Seattle and settle into a life full of friends and community, including the super sexy Brody Brown. What starts as just a friends with benefits arrangement soon morphs into more.From bitchy exes to psycho in-l...

Coming Undone (2010) by Lauren Dane

Making Chase (2008)

This was a great book about lovers from opposite sides of the tracks. It had a lot of drama & bitch claws being drawn out & shows how ignorant people from some walks of life can be. I enjoyed the whole series & will probably read them again at some future date. I loved the strong willed & very i...

Making Chase (2008) by Lauren Dane

A fior di pelle (2009)

Dnf @ 34%. The plot was lost amidst all the sex scenes. Love these books. This author is fantastic. One of my favorites.

A fior di pelle (2009) by Lauren Dane

Tart (2012)

This had been on my TBR ever since I read Never Enough, and certainly after devouring The Chase Brothers' series last year. It did not disappoint me. The story has enough plot, but not too much drama, and the extras are interesting in their own right. It had some interesting themes; dealing with ...

Tart (2012) by Lauren Dane

Enforcer (2006)

This is book 1 of the Cascadia Wolves Series. I was reluctant to read this book because it got so many bad reviews. But I must say , they were all wrong. This book was engaging. The main characters were thought out and witty. I love a strong female lead. And the people who said they didn't know N...

Enforcer (2006) by Lauren Dane

Tri Mates (2006)

Tracy the youngest sister of the Waren siblings stumbles upon not only one mate but two..forming a rare tri-mate bond. But while these males make her life a smorgasborg of sexual satisfaction they soon find out Pellini has his hands in her new pack.Pellini is like the godfather of a werewolf mob ...

Tri Mates (2006) by Lauren Dane

Wolf Unbound (2009)

This is book 4 in the Cascadia Wolves series. All I can say is , wow !!! These books get better and better. I'm so glad I found a series that does BDSM justice. This author did her homework and knows what's going on. This story was about Tegan. She's an enforcer and part of the Alpha's immediate ...

Wolf Unbound (2009) by Lauren Dane

Alone Time (2012)


Alone Time (2012) by Lauren Dane

Beneath the Skin (2012)

Beneath the Skin is a hot steamy read with passion and true sense of protection from the outset. This is Gibson de la Vega's story and when he is shot by unknown shifters and is rescued by the mysterious Mia Porter, his world is turned upside down and will do anything to protect what is his.This...

Beneath the Skin (2012) by Lauren Dane

Goddess with a Blade (2000)

Well I have to say first off, I am not normally a big UF fan, I love my romance but this was pretty good. I really enjoyed how the plot went with vampires and a heroine who's the vessel of an honest to god -goddess? It was pretty intriguing to me. The story is original and interesting but the on...

Goddess with a Blade (2000) by Lauren Dane

Laid Open (2012)

This is a novella. But goes with the series of the Brown Family. Todd, Ben and Erin are in a polyamorous relationship. They have a young son, Alexander. This relationship of two men sharing one woman amongst themselves is a very interesting and steamy dynamic.Dane does not disappoint as the thre...

Laid Open (2012) by Lauren Dane

To Do List (2007)

Contemp Christmas romance. It was... sweet. Sometimes a little bit repetitive. Mostly in the sense that every single member of her family had to tell her how much they hated her job and what it was doing to her etc. It was a bit whirlwind, but at the same time not, since they had known each other...

To Do List (2007) by Lauren Dane

Chaos Burning (2012)

I loved this series. I love Lark and Simon as characters and how they just connect and fit. This was a great way to start into the series, I usually like to start from book one but it is fun to already have characters established and get into it. I will be ordering the rest of the series so i...

Chaos Burning (2012) by Lauren Dane

Sweet Charity (2008)

This felt trite. And... Ugh. There are so many things about how the hero and heroine behaved and treated each other that I'm not okay with. This need to decide for each other and punish each other... :(This also needed some edits. This author's earlier works are too often full of comma splices. S...

Sweet Charity (2008) by Lauren Dane

Count on Me (2014)

I won an ARC in a Twitter contest from Lauren Dane and I'm so happy I got to read Count on Me early.Count on Me is book #3 in the Petal, Georgia and so far this is my favorite in the series.Caroline Mendoza left Petal 16 years ago when her mom was murder and her father went to prison for the crim...

Count on Me (2014) by Lauren Dane

Broken Open (2014)

I should have remembered that Lauren Dane’s dialogue (maybe I should just call it voice) really, really don’t work for me. Every scene is more or less a conversation between characters who are way too in touch with their feelings—and way too articulate—for it to be believable. I mean, I understan...

Broken Open (2014) by Lauren Dane

Blade to the Keep (2013)

Love the gritty writing and the foul language. Sometimes it doesn't work, but with this specific heroine it does. As the Vessel of the Goddess Brigid, you would think Rowan would know how to play nice. Ha! Playing nice with Rowan is not in the cards. She's a Hunter. She kills rogue Vampires...

Blade to the Keep (2013) by Lauren Dane

Wild Darkness (2013)

I came into this series at the end (by accident, oops!), but the book was good enough that it kept me hooked anyway. It had enough explanations for a newcomer to follow along without being so overbearing with them as to bog down the story, which is a pretty impressive balance to strike. Although...

Wild Darkness (2013) by Lauren Dane

Giving Chase (2006)

Together they find a special love-can it survive the threat stalking her? Some small towns grow really good looking men! This is the case with the four Chase brothers. The home grown hotties are on the wishlist of every single woman in town and Maggie Wright is no exception. Maggie has finally ha...

Giving Chase (2006) by Lauren Dane

At Blade's Edge (2015)

“It’s weird, you know? Being served like this.” She got in and Clive followed.     “You grew up at the Keep. How many servants work there?” Clive smirked.     “I was one of the servants when I grew up at the Keep. Don’t ever forget that, Clive because I sur...

At Blade's Edge (2015) by Lauren Dane

Wolf's Ascension (2016)

The other Pack children ran out to greet them as their parents arrived for the Winter Gathering.     Emma, swollen with her second child, a brother for Jade, stood with Kari and Perri, watching the children play. Kari smiled at the scene and tried not to grimace as her sons cr...

Wolf's Ascension (2016) by Lauren Dane

Sworn to the Wolf (2016)

Even though he’d only been a part of her life for such a short time he’d become instantly integral to it. She felt his absence acutely. Harrison and Elton hadn’t pushed but watched her anxiously, knowing she was working through something major.     He’d become something she re...

Sworn to the Wolf (2016) by Lauren Dane


She stayed still as she swam to full consciousness. Old habits that had kept her alive. She remembered the day before. The lab. Vincenz. The portal station where they’d pulled at her, drugged her. Anger washed through her as she slowly opened her eyes. Where was this place? A hospital? No. She sa...

Captivated by Lauren Dane

Stripped (2008)

If she stopped for one minute she’d think of Nash and she couldn’t afford to. Hell, he already consumed her thoughts twenty-three hours a day as it was. Nash made her want things she shouldn’t want. A man like Nash wasn’t for her. Her mind knew that but the rest of her wasn’t so damned convinced....

Stripped (2008) by Lauren Dane

Inside Out

But she knew that was a lie. It was him. One hundred percent the way Andrew Copeland waltzed his way right into her body and played her like an instrument.Other than those few delicious kisses, he hadn’t even touched her yet, but she found herself so turned on that even shifting in her seat was e...

Inside Out by Lauren Dane

Lost in You: Petal, Georgia, Book 2 (2013)

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to. He wanted to get her naked so much his hands had shook. Joe couldn’t remember the last time he’d wanted something so much. Especially something so fine as Beth Murphy with her bawdy mouth and her wise eyes. She’d seen a thing or thre...

Lost in You: Petal, Georgia, Book 2 (2013) by Lauren Dane

Taking Chase

Shane had left her a phone message, checking on her earlier in the day. He’d wanted to come by for lunch but it was a big new release day and she’d been rushed off her feet and had worked several hours overtime. She’d called and left him a voicemail that she couldn’t do lunch but hoped to see him...

Taking Chase by Lauren Dane


That she was busy and he could see her the next day but really, why? She wanted to see him and they were both too old for games. Candles lit, shades drawn, she took one last look in the mirror and approved. She’d chosen her favorite chemise—she did have a lingerie addiction, she’d be the first to...

Sway by Lauren Dane


Amy had gone to the bathroom and God only knew how long it would be before she got back. Amy was ditzy at best and a flake at worst. Still, she’d been a good friend for several years and everyone had their flaws, heaven knew Caitlin did.School was out for winter break, finals were done, she’d tur...

Always by Lauren Dane

Sensual Magic (2009)

The rip in the upholstery of one of the VIP booths had been repaired nicely and the tabletop scarring had been polished out. He liked when his orders were followed. It made everything much easier. “I’ll be in my office,” he called to the floor manager who’d been speaking with Roseanne, his lead d...

Sensual Magic (2009) by Lauren Dane

Never Enough

Gillian nodded as she scooted over on the bench to play. “Rach-maninoff comes from here.” She placed a palm over her belly. “It might be different for you. But if you want to play him, you have to find a way to translate all that power. You can hit all the correct keys in the correct order and st...

Never Enough by Lauren Dane

Alone Time: Visits to Petal, Book 1 (2012)

Style. And more than a little groveling…   Once and Again © 2011 Lauren Dane   Petal, Georgia, Book 1 Seven years ago, Lily Travis was only too glad to see her hometown of Petal, Georgia, in her rearview mirror. Thanks to her father running off with a twenty-year-old, though,...

Alone Time: Visits to Petal, Book 1 (2012) by Lauren Dane


Andrei Solace didn’t bother looking up. Not that he’d have been able to see much with one eye swollen shut from the butt of the rifle he’d taken to the face. The pain had subsided to a dull, all-consuming ache, but the anger burned, low and steady, in his gut. Enough to get through another day. &...

Mesmerized by Lauren Dane

Beneath the Skin: de La Vega Cats, Book 3

She soaped up, wincing a little as the newly healed slash in her back tugged when she reached up to get her hair soaped up. He normally did that. He had good hands, and while he was washing her hair, he gave a great scalp massage too. But of course he was outside being a dick and not in here with...

Beneath the Skin: de La Vega Cats, Book 3 by Lauren Dane

Believe (2010)

He’d been gone while attending a training in Dallas for two whole weeks and it had sucked. Being without him wasn’t something she was used to, or that she liked in any way. But to pass the time and to give him a Christmas present she knew he’d love, Rori had gone to a tattoo par...

Believe (2010) by Lauren Dane

All That Remains (Metamorphosis Book 1)

She frowned and Charlie raised a brow.     She had fire. Charlie dug it. “You seem so easygoing but you have a temper on you. I like it. You’ll need it to keep us both in line.”     “I’m not angry but you need to stop talking this way.”    &n...

All That Remains (Metamorphosis Book 1) by Lauren Dane


“Your phone is on. You’ll hear it if you get a message or a call. My people all know where to reach me too.” He’d called Damon and his mate, Gina, to come over for a bit. Josh had wanted to hold her. To kiss her and fuck her senseless to wipe the worry off her features for at least a little while...

Unconditional by Lauren Dane

Blade on the Hunt

“You do know how I love Chopin. A long time ago I met him. Have I ever told you that?”     She turned the handle of the cup as he preferred and then put a few cookies on a plate she placed next to his tea.     He had told her the story. A long time ago when...

Blade on the Hunt by Lauren Dane

What Happens in Vegas...After Dark

She shut out all other stimulus, simply waiting for the magic to come to her. Tendrils of energy hung in the air, spicy and unique to the individual who worked the spell. The taste of it wove through her system. Nell’s own magic broke it down, analyzed it, identified the owner. It was her particu...

What Happens in Vegas...After Dark by Lauren Dane

Heart of Darkness

Wow. “Freely taken.” Efficiently, she took her boots off and padded over to the door, drawing sigils in the air as she spoke under her breath. He only had the barest knowledge of the sort of magick she made as he watched her work. So much skill. She worked the spell, weaving it all together, fitt...

Heart of Darkness by Lauren Dane

Going Under (2012)

“Thank you. For everything.”     He paused. “I like taking care of you. You reward me so nicely.”     It was more than the sex. She knew that to her toes. He could skirt around it all he wanted, but he protected her in a way that was far different than how ...

Going Under (2012) by Lauren Dane

Drawn Together (2013)

Truth be told, she’d sort of expected him to have a cook who also cleaned and took care of him.     “Carrie and I learned a lot together. She’s better than I am. Mainly because my mother insisted Carrie be taught to run a household.” He snorted.     “You di...

Drawn Together (2013) by Lauren Dane

Count on Me (Petal, Georgia)

A new email came in, and she reminded herself to turn that sound off because she was unable not to bend to look at her screen to see who it was from. Then there was a crack and a slam and shattering glass and the thunk as the bullet hit the far wall. She screamed and hit the ground. Adrenaline ma...

Count on Me (Petal, Georgia) by Lauren Dane

Once and Again: Petal, Georgia, Book 1

She stole his heart…and his money.       Trespass © 2011 Meg Maguire   Many would envy veterinarian Russ Gray’s life in rural Montana’s wide-open spaces. Russ calls it lonely. In a country with more cattle than eligible females, he doesn’t envision his seven years as a widower...

Once and Again: Petal, Georgia, Book 1 by Lauren Dane


— Lara Adrian, New York Times bestselling author 07 08 “Dane always delivers a steamy, exciting ride . . . she leaves me want-09 ing more!” —Larissa Ione, New York Times bestselling author 10 11 “Unputdownable . . . Great characters, wonderful world- building 12 and, as always, a delicious romanc...

Lush by Lauren Dane

No Reservations

'Me first. I know how much you prefer one-at-a-time oral.' His voice held a smirk but also gentleness. Good sweet Clay Aiken she was a goner. 'I like to be able to enjoy it when you're eating my pussy and I can't with my face hovering over your cock and trying to balance and you know how I feel a...

No Reservations by Lauren Dane

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