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Laura Powell
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Das Spiel des Schicksals (2011)

The Game of Triumphs is about a game. But not just any game. The game depicted within the book turns life itself into one. This fantasy book puts a card game in that reflects on real life and fifteen year old Cat is caught up in the middle of it. Admittedly, this book starts off a bit slo...

Das Spiel des Schicksals (2011) by Laura Powell

Witch Fire (2013)

Witch Fire continues the adventures of Glory Starling and Lucas Sterne, that began in Burn Mark. It’s not necessary to have read Burn Mark; Powell does an excellent job of providing enough back story to fill in new readers and not annoy fans who have already read the previous book.Powell continue...

Witch Fire (2013) by Laura Powell

Burn Mark (2012)

It was an idiotic thing to say. But Glory didn’t feel as insulted by it as she ought to be. She stared at the door. Lucas’s words had been so . . . final. ‘Quite the little gentleman,’ Troy observed. ‘Or are you sticking to your original estimation of him as a “pillock”?’ ‘He’s only a pillock som...

Burn Mark (2012) by Laura Powell


The prime minister was being transferred between prisons when a group of masked gunmen attacked the van in which he and his guards were travelling. No group has yet claimed responsibility for the atrocity.     BBC News   ‘Whatever happened to you?’ It was Scarlet, leaning out ...

Goddess by Laura Powell

The Master of Misrule (2012)

As soon as they got outside, Cat could see that Toby was fit to burst with exclamations, and before he could launch into anything, she got in, “OK, then, so I guess we’ll meet up later. Bye.” “What, you’re just going to go home?” “I could do with putting my feet up. There’s something about being ...

The Master of Misrule (2012) by Laura Powell

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