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Kiki Hamilton
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The Faerie Ring (2011)

I'm reading the Hungarian translation, the translators tell me the original gets kitschy/corny at places (which they toned down for the Hungarian edition) and I value their opinion.EDIT: It does get kitschy/corny even in the Hungarian translation, esp at the Clara parts, which get so heart-wrench...

The Faerie Ring (2011) by Kiki Hamilton

Tündérgyűrű (2012)

Whenever I pick up a new book, it always starts off as being 3 stars in my head. 3 stars, to me, is an average score, one that straddles the line perfectly between condemnation and praise. While I read, the score has the potential to decrease, increase, or remain the same; it's a system that help...

Tündérgyűrű (2012) by Kiki Hamilton

Tündérszárny (2014)

Review courtesy of Dark Faerie Tales.Quick & Dirty: A strong sequel that brings the UnSeelie court to 1872 London, with promises of action, secrets, and fae magic.Opening Sentence: The Killer walked boldly down the corridor of the Summer Court, his steps measured and confident.The Review:The Torn...

Tündérszárny (2014) by Kiki Hamilton

The Last Dance

I really wasn’t in the mood, but I wasn’t in the mood to stay home either. There’d been no further discussion of me playing college football. By the time I came home that night of the fight I was too exhausted to think about it anymore and had just gone to my room. Ivy never responded to my call....

The Last Dance by Kiki Hamilton

The Torn Wing

Fiona said as soon as they left the bookstore. “I don’t know who else that could’ve been, do you?”“No,” Tiki said. The station was busier now and jammed with travelers. She swerved around a mother tugging two crying children followed by a father pushing a loaded trolley. “Larkin wants something f...

The Torn Wing by Kiki Hamilton

The Faerie Queen (The Faerie Ring #4)

Several hours passed as she remained behind closed doors with him.     “What do you think they’re talking about?” Tiki asked again, unable to hide her annoyance. “And why does it have to be in secret?” They sat in the antechamber of her rooms, Rieker stretched out on a couch, ...

The Faerie Queen (The Faerie Ring #4) by Kiki Hamilton

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