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Kate Aster
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No Reservations (Special Ops: Tribute Book 1)

Barely a week had passed since her open house, and she already had two guests in one of the rooms, the Donovans—a father and son touring Annapolis and exploring the possibility of putting the Academy in the young man’s future. Maddox had moved his scant belongings to Bridget’s room—not because sh...

No Reservations (Special Ops: Tribute Book 1) by Kate Aster

SEAL the Deal

Lacey muttered, walking arm-in-arm with Mick down Main Street with a quickly depleting chunk of fudge in her hand. Mick grinned. “You say that every time your mom calls.” “You’re right. I never learn.” “So, what subtly insulting things did she say this time?”  Mouth watering, Lacey devoured anoth...

SEAL the Deal by Kate Aster

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