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Dan Krokos
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Falsos recuerdos (2012)

There was never a dull moment and that had got to be the best thing.I specifically adore familia love which is why I was so off the hook with this book. I love the chemistry of the characters also Im a sucker for good romance. Athough I think love triangles are so overrated, but this book? It's j...

Falsos recuerdos (2012) by Dan Krokos

Obca pamięć (2013)

Normally I don't like books where the heroine is written by a man. And that's not racist or anything like that, it just is what it is. The writing style really is, genuinely, different. I feel like there's less "emotions" tied to a character. Which was the case in this book. However... That doesn...

Obca pamięć (2013) by Dan Krokos

False Future

First the deep bass of the explosion, and then the high-pitched screech and whine of the twisting iron inside the building. Both towers are leaning toward us, falling slowly, so slowly, and I only have time to think—she said I am her—before they pass some invisible line and come crashing down. Th...

False Future by Dan Krokos

The Black Stars

It couldn’t be real. It was another Tremist illusion. That was the only explanation. His parents were dead, and even if his mother had escaped the First Attack, she wouldn’t be here in a laboratory under the Rhadgast school, in the company of a Fangborn. Mason didn’t run to her, and she didn’t ru...

The Black Stars by Dan Krokos

The Planet Thieves

No more chatter. And the Tremist had even stopped their attack. Both fleets hung separately in the black that was no longer Earthspace. It was just regular old outer space, plain and featureless. “There was a sun…” Tom said slowly. “Through the gate.” No one said anything. Merrin took her hands o...

The Planet Thieves by Dan Krokos

False Memory

I know what it feels like to say them.     Noah gave her the vial. It should’ve been enough. Maybe too much time elapsed since she was the last to see Conlin; maybe her metabolism burns hotter; maybe using her fear to guide us in the forest was too taxing.    &n...

False Memory by Dan Krokos

False Sight

None of us can. No one says a word for what feels like a minute. Rhys’s eyes are shiny. He never talked about his “father.” Rhys was part of the first Alpha team, the one a year ahead of ours. The creators raised and trained Rhys’s team themselves, as their children. Then one day Rhys’s father ju...

False Sight by Dan Krokos

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