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Chris Wooding
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The Iron Jackal (2011)

The third book in the series has put me back again into the feelings I got after the first one.The second one was enjoyable enough, but somehow lack the freshness of the first (I put a 4star, but it was not so well earned). Here we are back to the real thing, when all the problems of each member ...

The Iron Jackal (2011) by Chris Wooding

Färglös (2014)

Pale I decided to read this book because the cover looked interesting and the author is an award-winner. I have learnt from this book that picking on someone because they are different is a lousy excuse and that if you were the one receiving all the hate you are dishing out, you will most probabl...

Färglös (2014) by Chris Wooding

The Haunting of Alaizabel Cray (2005)

I really enjoy reading Chris Wooding's novels. There's always something very dark and weird to the worlds he creates, and it makes the stories edgy and exciting. The Haunting of Alaizabel Cray is no exception. Set in an alternate universe of Victorian London, there are more than just famous seria...

The Haunting of Alaizabel Cray (2005) by Chris Wooding

The Ascendancy Veil (2006)

The final novel in the Braided Path trilogy manages to successfully build upon the previous two novels to produce a largely satisfying conclusion to the series. At the end of the previous book the Weavers seemed to have delivered a devastating blow to their opponents. As we pick up the story a fe...

The Ascendancy Veil (2006) by Chris Wooding

The Weavers of Saramyr (2004)

In many ways the first novel in the Braided Path trilogy is a fairly standard epic fantasy novel but it does have a few distinctive touches. It isn't the first epic fantasy series to be set in a world largely inspired by feudal Japan, but it's still a nice change from the default medieval Europea...

The Weavers of Saramyr (2004) by Chris Wooding

Storm Thief (2006)

This book is so completely not what I expected. It’s better. To what extent can you ever predict where a book will take you?! Sadly, the case with many books today is that a lot of them are predictable. They’re tiring and dull, because they’re the same old pathetic attempts at conveying a “popula...

Storm Thief (2006) by Chris Wooding

The Skein of Lament (2004)

The second novel in the Braided Path trilogy picks up the story a few years after the end of the Weavers of Saramyr. The initial action takes place on the distant continent of Okhamba as a group of explorers are pursued from the depths of the rainforest having discovered some crucial information ...

The Skein of Lament (2004) by Chris Wooding

Ketty Jay 04 - The Ace of Skulls

It was a long shot, and the snow made it harder. She breathed out and squeezed the trigger.Out there in the meadows, one of the grey hurrying figures toppled over and lay still.She felt nothing for her target. He was just a shape, an anonymous man in a bulky coat, too distant from her life to cau...

Ketty Jay 04 - The Ace of Skulls by Chris Wooding

The Black Lung Captain

What in al damnation have I got us into?anes, thought Frey. What in al damnation have I got us into? The narrow passageways of the dreadnought swalowed the light of their oil lanterns. Rusty iron and tarnished steel pressed in on them. Grim metal wals. Pipes streaked with mould. They'd only gone ...

The Black Lung Captain by Chris Wooding

Retribution Falls

‘You mean me?’‘You’re the cap’n, ain’t ya?’He glanced around at his crew, trying to decide whether there was any advantage in protesting. All six of them had been put in the same cell on the Delirium Trigger’s brig. There were five cells in all, each capable of holding ten men. The walls were met...

Retribution Falls by Chris Wooding

Poison (2013)

Poison could not resist a smile at seeing how perfectly her imagination had matched Fleet’s tales to the land that surrounded her. Of course, he had never pretended to have set foot outside the Realm of Man – Poison would not have believed that for an instant, back in the days before she left Gul...

Poison (2013) by Chris Wooding

Iron Jackal

It was all about blood in Samarla. The stadium crowd roared in Ashua’s ears. Sammies and Daks surged to their feet from tiered benches. Somewhere down on the court, an Urchin had been intercepted by an opposing Juggernaut. Ashua hadn’t seen the ensuing tackle – the crowd got in her way – but by t...

Iron Jackal by Chris Wooding


We always met up at the same spot in the yard at lunch. Me, Kyle, the twins and Sadie. Sadie was my girlfriend. Everyone knew she was the hottest girl in school. And she was with me.     I was first to arrive. There were some younger kids there, but I told them to get lost. Ky...

Pale by Chris Wooding

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