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Read Online: Fantasy


John Lutz Bundle

When Pearl was finished talking, he stood up and started pacing around, not looking at her, clenching his teeth so hard his jaw muscles were flexing.Pearl and Fedderman sat watching him. The office was warmer than usual, and humid, and the grit from the construction or destruction outside hung in...

John Lutz Bundle by John Lutz

The Mating Season: Werewolves of Montana Book 6

For twenty-five years, Nikita had lived life as a shadow in a basement, and now Tristan showered her with attention. He seemed determined to make her happy.     All the adventures she’d always longed to experience were at her fingertips, made possible by the wizard who made he...

The Mating Season: Werewolves of Montana Book 6 by Bonnie Vanak

Soul of a Whore and Purvis (2012)

PURVIS and JOB INTERVIEWER, both in business attire. Occasionally we hear the mooing of cows outside.   PURVIS: Coffee… INT:                       I’m sorry! I’ll pour you— PURVIS:                                                        Don’t bother, it’s fine— INT: No bother a-tall! I’m just a li...

Soul of a Whore and Purvis (2012) by Denis Johnson

Remember Me (2013)

He must try again, but he was warier now. If his own past could not give the present back to him, then the past of another might.     For he had given up all hope of finding understanding or wisdom in any living face. He looked now to the faces of the dead, and in particular t...

Remember Me (2013) by David Stacton

Sunrise Crossing (2016)

She couldn’t help wondering why she was taking a chance with a cowboy at this stage in her life. If she were healthy, if she had years to live, it would be one thing, but Laceys never lived past forty and she was now less than three years away.     She’d told Tori about the do...

Sunrise Crossing (2016) by Jodi Thomas

PsyCop 6: GhosTV

Morning classes were in session. The only other person in the hallway was a fifty-something lady in a flowered smock with a housekeeping cart, an iPod and a vacuum cleaner. I considered calling to her, waving, trying to see if I could make her see me. She looked physical, but I wasn’t really expe...

PsyCop 6: GhosTV by Jordan Castillo Price

Escape From New York

Mousey, they used to call him when he was in Congress. Mousey or Straddler, as in fences. The Senator from the great State of Alabama used to call him worse. But it didn’t bother him. Now they all had to call him Mister President, and the first thing he did when he got elected was to cut off some...

Escape From New York by Mike McQuay


His stomach jittered like it had the day Kat was born. He felt all the same crazy emotions at the prospect of seeing her again now, and dreaded the drastic measures he’d have to take to actually get Seth to let her go. The thought of his lifelong friend explaining the loss of Kat to his wife made...

Fever by Swan, Joan

The Rockin' Chair

Given that it was dusk, Evan was clearly staying on with the old man at the farmhouse. He and Tara both are, Hank realized. His blood pumped hard in his veins, making his temples pound like dueling bass drums. He yanked another beer from the six-pack and started chugging. “So he’s gonna take the ...

The Rockin' Chair by Steven Manchester

Russian Tattoos Obsession

Boris removed his gloves and tossed them on the floor.     “I’m not planning on lying to you, please—”     “Nyet.” He held up a finger to my face. “Who was at the house?”     “Um—”     “No um, just name.”   ...

Russian Tattoos Obsession by Kat Shehata

walkers the survivors

Joe tells me is my body's way of wanting to replace the blood loss, but my strength was back up so I really didn't really care why.  Yea!  Joe had been in and put a clean bandage on my arm, saying the wounds were healing fine.  I had to start physical therapy so I could get the strength back, the...

walkers the survivors by Davis-Lindsey, Zelda

American Heroes Series - 03 - Purgatory

Therefore, when the humidity index rose, so did Elliot’s need to install central air conditioning in the big house.  As the plumbers carefully re-plumbed the entire house and re-plumbed and remodeled the upstairs bathrooms, the HVAC contractors carefully laid out their vents next to the new plumb...

American Heroes Series - 03 - Purgatory by Kathryn Le Veque

Patricia Highsmith - The Tremor of Forgery

He was either at the Plage or taking a walk along the beach, Ingham thought. Ingham straightened up his rooms a little, gave them a sweep, then went out with the double purpose of finding Jensen and buying some flowers. Flowers in a vase, even if the vase was a glass, would look nice on the table...

Patricia Highsmith - The Tremor of Forgery by Patricia Highsmith

Hello Devilfish!

/ 12 / What doesn’t kill you almost kills you—Hello Devilfish! Today class, we’re gonna deconstruct the cancer narrative—it’s gnarly chemo fun! Jeez, I hate these sappy fables where Betty finds a breast lump and becomes—a better person! Hah—what she actually morphs into is a chop-shop freak—with ...

Hello Devilfish! by Ron Dakron

Tell Me I'm Dreamin'

The inspiring smell of pine helped to heighten Nadine’s sense of adventure. The scent reminded her of the woods that bordered Grandma Rose’s house, where she had embarked on countless flights of fancy as a child. She had always dreamed of traveling to far-off places. Books had been the medium tha...

Tell Me I'm Dreamin' by Eboni Snoe