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Read Online: Fantasy


Risk (A Mageri World Novel)

She’d called twice already—probably to scold him for kidnapping her precious Learner, but he didn’t answer the phone to find out. Despite the smashing success of immersing Ella into a social situation, he couldn’t shake the image of her unexpected breakdown. She could be his counterpart with the ...

Risk (A Mageri World Novel) by Dannika Dark

The Elementalist : Next of Kin: The Kothian Chronicles

      It was late afternoon before Rylan was ready to leave, and although the reason for him travelling was a truly heartbreaking one, he did feel a touch of excitement. Learning that his son had magical abilities had been a shock, being told he was to be whisked hundreds of miles away by their v...

The Elementalist : Next of Kin: The Kothian Chronicles by Andrew Wood


Collected Proverbs, by Beatrice of Fourth Duncan’s veins flowed with Rachel’s blood; he was still connected to her, and he’d taken care of her needs. For this brief moment, the world spun though the universe on exactly the right course. He even breathed more easily. The terrible serpent, living i...

Veiled by Caris Roane

Max Baer and the Star of David (2016)

(5:1) I was with Max Baer when he fought and defeated Frankie Campbell and delivered blows that, according to the physician’s postmortem, set loose Frankie Campbell’s brain from its skull and was the cause of Frankie Campbell’s death. I was with him when he fought and defeated Ernie Schaaf in a b...

Max Baer and the Star of David (2016) by Jay Neugeboren

Escape to the Country

"Just after ten." Leah slid bacon into the frying pan. "Why on earth didn't you wake me?" "Because you're supposed to be resting. Don't worry, the animals are all fed and I've milked Rosemary." "Thank you, but..." "I'll just do the eggs. Pour the tea will you?" Jayne did as she was asked. "I love...

Escape to the Country by Patsy Collins

Not Flag or Fail (2013)

The Commander and the Major were already in the dining room when we arrived; for the first time since we’d met he was in full uniform and looking extremely smart. “Hello chaps how are you feeling now? The Chief shown you all need to you know has he?” I don’t think either of us knew how to answer ...

Not Flag or Fail (2013) by D.E. Kirk

Pride X Familiar ReVamp (Pride X ReVamp Book 1)

(Caelum) Sunday arrived.     Oh what a glorious day.     I had butterflies in my stomach.     This wasn’t like the occasions when Haruka and I would meet up to waste time in the commercial districts. Those were fun occasions with no stri...

Pride X Familiar ReVamp (Pride X ReVamp Book 1) by Albert Ruckholdt


Like A Girl in Love That David loved me but that he also loved his wife was a fact I had to accept. It was never my intention to try to take him away from her. My desire was to have part of him for myself. We made each other happy, that was all I cared for.     We loved togeth...

Threads by Patsy Brookshire

The Glass Orchid

Her head was pounding and her mouth felt dry and raspy. She opened her eyes, trying to remember where she was and what had happened. Her vision adjusted to the dim light of the room and she scanned it for any clues to her location. Shelves lined the wall from floor to ceiling and they were cramme...

The Glass Orchid by Emma Barron

The Battle of the Void (The Ember War Saga Book 6)

He pressed fingertips to the door and ripples spread from his touch.     “Why are the doors so…big?” Bailey asked.     “You think my true form is like yours?” Malal asked.     “What do you really look like? The big-ass orb we found on An...

The Battle of the Void (The Ember War Saga Book 6) by Richard Fox

Prison Ship

The guest list included only the most elite of government officials and their spouses. Commodore Cole sat in one of the front rows, beaming with excitement. Among the row of the president’s staff sat Isaac Steele, looking uncomfortable. Fingering the computer card in his pocket, Steiner was thank...

Prison Ship by Bowers, Michael

The Biker's Wench

Candles in antique wall sconces dimly lit the crowded room where the dinner party guests were mingling and enjoying small glasses of sherry and port. He chose a spot along the wall just inside the doorway and scanned the crowd, hoping for a glimpse of Monica's long, curly hair. Twice he thought h...

The Biker's Wench by Jamie DeBree

SODIUM:1 Harbinger

Had I not been lucky, I would have surely been crushed to death by the prearranged rock-slide. We slowed our pace and began a thorough search as we moved along. If we could locate one of the demon’s traps perhaps we could figure out a way to use it against them. We were open to all possibilities....

SODIUM:1 Harbinger by Stephen Arseneault

The Marmalade Files (2012)

And just like the rumble in the jungle, only one of them would triumph. Emily Brooks and Elizabeth Scott sat a metre apart in a corner of the Opposition leader’s office, a plunger of coffee and a tray of biscuits untouched between them. They were hardly friends at the best of times, but this afte...

The Marmalade Files (2012) by Steve Lewis  & Chris Uhlmann

The Children and the Blood

Harris said resignedly. “Thanks for your… time.” He grimaced as the secretary hung up before he could finish. Forcibly keeping himself from slamming the phone onto the Formica tabletop, he set the cell aside and then drained the last dregs of his coffee. It was his seventh refill. He hadn’t slept...

The Children and the Blood by Megan Joel Peterson